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Changelogs as of November 2

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BrightRO Changes & Updates

November 2,2018


[New Quest] NPC Update:
@to quest

  • Amaterasu Aura
  • Abbadon Aura#
  • Green Abbadon Aura
  • Green hitsugaya Aura
  • Hitsugaya Aura
  • Saiyan5 Aura
  • Maize Aura
  • Ebony Aura
  • Mystical elfs Aura
  • Flame Lhz Aura

[New Coupon Items] NPC Update:
@to couponshop

  • Angelichunterscap
  • Anon hat
  • Blue bundanna
  • Red bundanna
  • Blackflyingangel
  • Cat ear long
  • Cat ear short
  • Fluffy angel Cap
  • Lovely heart Cap
  • Bouquet Hat
  • Feather fedora tw
  • Gothic pumpkin head

[New Coin Items] NPC Update:
@to coinshop

  • Rider Helm v1
  • Rider Helm v2
  • Saiyan5 Hair
  • Squirrel Hood
  • Black Elven Spirit
  • Fluffy Heart Earmuffs
  • Robotic Ears

[New Donation Items] NPC Update:
@to donation

  • Faker Cap
  • Kamer Cap
  • Jaker Cap
  • Karer Cap
  • Domino Cap
  • Love Bb Cap
  • Love Captain Hat
  • Love Coppola Hat
  • Love Note HeadPhone
  • Love Sheriff Hat
  • Nike Cap
  • Pilipinas Cap
  • New Hollow Mask
  • Magical Cyclops

[Halloween Event NPC]
at prontear city

  • A box which contains donation tier box.
  • - Donation tier box I
  • - Donation tier box II
  • - Donation tier box III
  • - Collectors Box
  • - Wings Collector Box
  • - Special Tier Box
  • - Costume Tier Box

Please run your patcher!

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