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  1. skeeth

    Tatacho card

    Was there a test conducted? Because from what I recall this is dmg reduction from neutral type monsters alone and not neutral damage type.
  2. skeeth

    Sin-X Tournament - October 2018

    today and only 3 contestants! join up you guys!
  3. skeeth

    Changelogs as of October 2

    Though not among the listed items I suggested earlier. But its still is good. I'm glad you hear us players, GM Beth. Well done and keep up the good work!
  4. skeeth

    Banner Making Contest

    In-game name: B A P H O M E T Title of your work: peekaBOO! Desktop or Mobile sized: 851 pixels by 315 pixels for desktop and 640 pixels by 360 For Desktop: 851 x 315 pixel For Mobile: 640 x 360 pixel
  5. skeeth

    Banner Making Contest

    Aye! well that's good to hear. Thanks for the response. Good Luck to everyone!
  6. skeeth

    Banner Making Contest

    GM... just some clarifications on this event. Do we really have to put in our full names and facebook links? would that be revealing much of our personal data?? --------------------------------------------------- and regards the silver dragon helm. I wanted to clarify if this is really from the renewal class. Because based on link its the renewal type of silver dragon. This: I was hoping that the stats would be of that of the pre-renewal: Hope someone from the like and share event clarify the stats of the Gold Dragon Helm here.
  7. ^ dispel. safety wall. throw knife with status weapon. Spidoo Weeb! (sage/prof thingy) reflect. smokie (hide accessory) edp sonic blow them first! absorb spirit lex Divina asura them first as well. Too Many Skill to make good use of. If u can't Beat them Join Them as a Champ! u can relocate to avoid asura (pro moves and foost PeeCee) if nothing works! Press ALT+F4
  8. skeeth

    Hey everyone

    welcome!!! pretty much you will be staying long in this wonderful server! There active GM's everyday! and tons of stuff to work and quest on, 1hr daily attendance are rewarded as well. Very lively community, events staff always on the go and approachable GM's! make sure to claim your vip rations, and vip quest for exp. there are daily quest and items turn over as well that will allow you pts to trade in for headgears and stuffs. Voting for the server as well will allow you to earn pts to exchange for items and headgears! BG, KoE and WoE are well attended and participated by players! Hope you will stay long and enjoy the server!
  9. skeeth

    Some easy guide to leveling.

    Another Guide for easy 700,000k exp. This can help you reach from lv1 to 68 as per advise by @Dongskee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rachel Ice Necklace Quest ( Part 1-3 of the Unsealing of Ktullanax MVP in Ice Dungeon) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Requirements: 5x Rough Wind 1x Hammer[2] 1x Blank Scrol Requirement tips: Rough Wind can be easily farmed from windghost in GH Catacombs Hammer[2] Can just be bought from weapon npc located south at prontera or from alberta Blank Scroll can be bought in yuno (Sage Academy) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quest Starts at Town of Rachel 1. Go to Sincere Follower Urstia and speak with her, show interest, accept the request at the end of the talk. She will give u a Gray Necklace and you will need to take this necklace to an NPC named Maheo in ice dungeon 2. (Note: if you using your Novice make sure to have your play dead or tons of fly wing) 2. Warp yourself to Ice dungeon 1 or direct to Ice Dungeon 2 with your VIP ticket. Go to the place shown below and look for a man stuck in ice dungeon. (Be careful on your way since mobs are aggressive in ice dun 2. so flywing and playdead is a must). now upon reaching the Man Stuck in Ice, talk to him, he is no other than Maheo the one that Urstia mentioned earlier, now after doing the conversation with him we will need to go back to rachel and talked with the npc named Hamion. 3. Going back to Rachel, Now let us head to the location shown at the image below, Speak with Hamion, and he will require you to bring the materials that we already mentioned earlier.Once you turn it over to Hamion, he will make the hammer of wind.With this, you can now return to Ice dungeon 2 to Maheo and shatter the ice. He will help you shine the Gray Necklace given by Urstia. Upon receiving this shined necklace (Along with 4 Ice Powder --> Use to unseal Ktullunax MVP) go back to Urstia in Rachel and she will reward you with 700,000 base exp. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I limited the quest here, since this is the one that will give the exp, continuing it will just allow you to unseal and battle ktullunax in ice dun 3. oh and make sure to pop in those battle manuals for even bigger exp, that is before returning to rachel and talking to urstia. Ill put in the link for the whole quest if you want to continue : https://irowiki.org/wiki/Ice_Necklace_Quest Enjoy and Keep on RoK`in here in BrightRO
  10. skeeth

    Some easy guide to leveling.

    hmmm yeah could consider that rachel ice necklace quest. the quest that summons mvp ktullanax. somehow I think I just considered making an easy quest guide for newbie. But hey lets add up to the guide. Thanks for this Dongskee, glad you bump this up. I already forgot about it. This guide can be useful for players who wants to make their support alt accounts (sage, bard, dancer etc)
  11. skeeth

    Some easy guide to leveling.

    EASY LEVELING GUIDE part 2! FINDING FAIRY QUEST Now that you already reached your max level for your 2nd job lv 99/50 it's time to rebi... woah woah woah! hold your horses!!! NOT YET, do not rebirth first! there is a quest which will help you earn quick base level in just a few travel. So sit back and read this few steps to help you reach certain levels and earn big exp in instance during your rebirth. Step 1. Make sure your 99/50 2nd job non trans. Step 2. Head your way to splendide town and make your way to the upper right portal. Step 3. In Splendide Field 2, talk to the Small Fairy (splendide field 02 34,223). this will trigger a quest. Step 4. You can now rebirth and changejob to your high 1st class. (high archer, high swordsman etc etc.) Step 5. Pop in those battle manual before talking to Camp Guart at the Midgard (mid_camp 212,237). receive: 700,000 base exp. Step 6. after taking the previous step will allow you to soar base levels but not job level. so with 700,000 base exp for sure you'd be leaping to around Lv. 60-70. So with the knowledge of the part 1 easy leveling guide you can farm back or buy those sharp leafs again to turn over to umbala. for easy job leveling. Step 7. In Manuk Field 3, talk to the Tree Giant (manuk field 03 236, 105). Step 8. Return to the Camp Guard Captain to tell him of the giant. receive: 700,000 exp again. ================================================ So there we go! Another means to easy level your character once trans. share this guides to your friends and enjoy BrightRo! Keep on RoK`in!
  12. skeeth

    [Discussion] - New Headgear Quests

    Here's my contribution GM Beth! Hope this can help you decide on the next update. 1. Bunny Top hat Requirements: 10 pcs Bright Ro Coins 1 pc Bunny Band 1 pc Magician hat 5 pcs Scarlet dyestuff 2. Black Knitted hat Requirements: 3,000,000 zenny 10 pcs Bright Ro Coins 400 pcs Yarn 1 pc Cap[1] 5 pcs Lemon Dyestuff 5 pcs Black Dyestuff 3. Hawk Eyes Requirements 3,000,000 Zenny 10 pcs Bright Ro Coins 1 pc Binoculars 1 pc Bow Thimble 100 pcs Tassel 5 pcs White Dye Stuff -------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra 1: 4. Note Headphone Requirements: 1,000,000 zenny 10 Bright Ro Coins 1 pc Headset 200 pcs Fragments
  13. skeeth

    Some easy guide to leveling.

    An additional IMPORTANT note: Gained Quest Exp are affected by your Battle Manuals. So better have them activated for bigger exp gains. :) Lesser materials use to turn over ;p Again thanks and hope this guide can help those new players!
  14. EASY LEVELING GUIDE Some important quest guide that some new players may need to know in order to level up fast. Some may always ask where to level, where to get decent exp for starting characters, and so with this I hope every new player to RO can be guided. There are the daily quest from our server and the VIP quest, but there's a thing call repeatable quest that any player can either do, either by repeatedly hunting certain monster or turning over items drop from these monster. So heres a common exp repeatable quest that you can start off when your a new player. basically this can instantly boost jump your levels to a max lv of 85. So Let's start: =========== 1. CREAMY =========== You can trigger the hunt and item turn over quest when your level 15 and can be repeatable till your level 45. So for start you can go with hunting creamy and later on turning over powder of butterfly later. who knows you might get lucky with your required creamy card while hunting all along for this mob. NPC location: (prontera field 4) MONSTER HUNT QUEST: NPC NAME / MAP LOCATION / MIN LV. REQ / MAX LV ALLOWED / KILL REQUIREMENTS / BASE EXP PER TURN OVER / JOB EXP PER T.O. ITEM TURN OVER QUEST: NPC NAME / MAP LOCATION / MIN LV. REQ / MAX LV ALLOWED / ITEM REQUIREMENTS / BASE EXP PER T.O / JOB EXP PER T.O. ===================================================================== =========== 2. ALLIGATOR =========== You can trigger the hunt and item turn over quest when your level 45 and can be repeatable till your level 80. side note: you dont really necessarily need to get to level 80, lv60 will do so you can proceed with the easier quest. So you can go now with hunting Alligator and later on turning over Anolian Skin . Time to hunt for some yggs seed and anolian cards! :) NPC location: (Commodo field 1) MONSTER HUNT QUEST: NPC NAME / MAP LOCATION / MIN LV. REQ / MAX LV ALLOWED / KILL REQUIREMENTS / BASE EXP PER TURN OVER / JOB EXP PER T.O. ITEM TURN OVER QUEST: NPC NAME / MAP LOCATION / MIN LV. REQ / MAX LV ALLOWED / ITEM REQUIREMENTS / BASE EXP PER T.O / JOB EXP PER T.O. ===================================================================== =========== 2. SHARP LEAF =========== Earlier I made mentioned that you can go along with monster hunts, but for this quest npc, it will require you to hunt dryad, which are a pain in the ass for beginners, since the dryad maps are so big and lots of aggressive mobs. So with this we will skip with that and just proceed with just the item hunting since theres another mob which you can hunt to farm sharp leafs. Note the quest requires to be minimum of level 60 and repeatable to max level of 85. So you can go now with hunting Les , quite abundant in moscovia dungeon 1 and collect its sharp leaf . NPC location: (Umbala Field 1) ITEM TURN OVER QUEST: NPC NAME / MAP LOCATION / MIN LV. REQ / MAX LV ALLOWED / ITEM REQUIREMENTS / BASE EXP PER T.O / JOB EXP PER T.O. ===================================================================== Above mentioned are just the few easy and quick to deal with leveling quest, there are others than aside from above mentioned repeatable quest, thing is its hard for new players. But I will post out a link for this so you can keep track. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Repeatable_EXP_Quests Once your done you can proceed with sograt desert leeching. I will do the necessary guide later for entry to sograt. For now this will be for it and Keep on RoK'in here in Bright RO.
  15. skeeth

    Loading Screen Event

    Just started today, since an fellow IT officemate asked me to join him on this server. and he made mentioned that there are some event on this servers forum so might as well join. Seems like most of the entries are montage so might as well do the same. P.S. somebody help me on this server since my office mate mentioned he still new in this server. Hope im not late to join in. (Read that there are still 2 slot for waiting) my newbie ign is: Melonaid