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    Banner Making Contest

    Yeah I wouldn't want to share my personal/private profile to everyone either. I really don't think this is necessary unless they don't care about our privacy (which I hope they do). A lot of private servers have been using this renewal headgear and some use the pre-ren version. Most of us have already adapted to this renewal headgear being available in a pre-renewal server. I guess it's up to the rest of the community if they'll accept it or not.
  2. Denz

    Starting guide

    Check this guide by skeeth. http://brightro.net/forum/topic/245-some-easy-guide-to-leveling/ For making some zeny, I guess try hill winds and sell their loots using a merchant with overcharge. Once you've earned enough zeny to buy yourself some decent gears, you can try geffenia or thanatos tower 2 or Juperos 1.
  3. Denz

    Guild Package

    Guild Name: Just About Right Guild Leader's in-game name: Stei Cee Guild Leader's Facebook Account: Denz Maderazo Member Count: 35 Do you know each member personally?: YES
  4. Denz

    Changelogs as of September 11

    Because FE is boring AF.
  5. Denz

    Changelogs as of September 11

    There should be a global announcement when a player gets anyone of those cards. Also add Icecream Hat so everyone can use frost driver.
  6. Denz

    Loading Screen Event

    I recycled an old art of mine and used it on this server's Loading Screen Event....because I'm lazy. Tools: Paint Tool Sai Adobe Photoshop CS6 IGN: Denz Image: