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    Costume Bug

    It seems that some costumes have bugs when you enter KoE, BG, and PvP. It wears off when entering and leaving the map. The following are the costumes that I found getting bugged: 1. Celestial Dark Flames 2. Charleston Antenna I think there are still other costumes that were bugged. Please fixed in the next update. Thanks.
  2. rcso

    Satan Quest Problem

    UP for this. I too am waiting for any GM's response. This shouldn't be the case with any quest maps. I think leeching there is no problem, but at least make the map originally accessible by quest. Other map that i think would be wise to be restricted: Geffenia - as in official RO servers, this map has the longest and hardest quest to finish since its very well worth it to get there. Considered as the gold mine of RO, i guess your solution to avoid zeny inflation was just to nerf drop rates on mobs here. But the thing is, wouldnt it be better to reward those who has the perseverance to finish the sign quest? Abbey Monastery/ Nameless Island - another map that is very worth it to get into. same as above, tidal shoes and wool scarf drop was affected by the nerf hammer instead. Basically, these so called "quests" is what i think the factor that prolongs "replayability" of the server and encourage players to team up to finish one instead of just grinding all day. I think it will be healthy too in preparation for WOE. This way we get friends, and at the same time have some real competition between guilds on who can have access to those maps and get some early game leverage. I dont mind the drop rate nerfs, but might as well get some features of the original game. Anyway we're supposed to be a lowrate server that thrives on the gameplays as such.
  3. what error are you still having after downloading the 3 visual c++? i downloaded the 3 then i got to “The program can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer.” what worked for me was to copy the msvcr100.dll from an old server i played on. Just copy all the dll's that Bright RO will require one by one from your previous server if it has them.