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  1. Caroline

    Quest Updates of September 25

    This is a cool update but I hope we can also see what the said headgears look like
  2. Caroline


    Andddddd I also acted as [SO] Cappuccino in AtlasRO. 😄 Nice to meet you again! About CGRO, I didn't get much news about it so I also never knew 'till now. Saying I doubt you know me, I was wrong lol. If you still remember me, that is.
  3. Caroline


    OMG I KNEW IT!! I know you but I doubt you know me, I came from AtlasRO too(since day 1 till it closed). Was in CGRO for a few weeks hence I was barely online within those few weeks. ><
  4. Caroline


    Hello! I love you, too ❤️ You seem familiar, rather your username /hmm. Well I came from different servers so my memory is kinda blurry. Anyway, see you in game! IGN: Caroline 🍻
  5. Caroline

    Good day

    Yup, we gotta wait 😞
  6. Caroline

    Good day

    Welcome to BrightRO! Feel free to talk to me in game~ IGN: Caroline
  7. Caroline

    General Guide

    Be specific, like guide on what job? I'll try doing one if you'll be more scecific :>>
  8. Caroline

    Loading Screen Event

    IGN: Caroline Image: (Cuz y not?) Reused an old artwork~
  9. Caroline

    Levelling Guide from Acolyte to Champion?

    +1 to that^ But this is my own way of leveling from Acolyte to Champ: Use heal to kill undeads in pay_dun00, you can go to pay_dun01 next if you feel like the exp you're getting isn't enough anymore Around base level 40, switch to Glast Heim underground prison 1 (free access without vip in warper) for bigger exp, heal the undeads until you reach job lvl 50 then change job to monk After you change job, you can either stick in glast heim or go to mosk_dun01 to kill Les (change build to str agi dex) don't forget to put points in Triple Attack (monk/champ's skill) as this passive skill will boost your attacks. If you choose to kill Les from that point, make sure to collect sharp leaves, you can turn them in for exp in um_fiid01 (need at least 50 sharp leaves every turn in) NPC located near at the upper left portal of the map You can do that until you reach lvl 80, but if you choose staying in glast heim to heal the undeads, then no problem too! After reaching level 80, you can do satan quest to get access in sograt 21 for free leech. Sometimes there are star gladiators who are farming there that give free leech just to boost their damage! (Their passive, let's not get deep with this one) Alternative: When you reach level 80, you should have enough points for Asura Strike, from then on you can Asura Strike Anubis in sphinx 4 to gain more exp until you reach level 99. (Make sure to change stats that will fit for asura strike build) From there, you can finally rebirth and start anew. Then just repeat the process until you reach level 99 champ! This is a long *ss guide, but if you managed to finish reading this then congratulations! Hope this helps >< Happy leveling! IGN: Caroline I can help you in game too ^-^ If I'm online, that is.
  10. Caroline

    Better Late than Never

    Same with mine, I had to disable my anti virus just to get it done xd
  11. Caroline

    Better Late than Never

    Hi, welcome! See you in game! IGN: Caroline
  12. Caroline


    Hello @Doux! So, I need more friends... so uh, see you in game! IGN: Caroline
  13. Caroline

    Loading Screen Event

    IGN: Caroline Image: (I'm not an artist, okay?) Even a 7 year old can draw that^ lol
  14. Caroline

    Battleground Discussion

    I forgot about WOE since I was really more excited about battlegrounds, sorry for that. Well if you make the consumables accessible for WOE, where'e the fun in that? In hunting/making pots, edp, and whatnot; players will be surely lazy. There are also lots of ways to gain consumables, too. Consumables should be tradable? Get ready for some consumables inflation in the server. In terms of battlegrounds, I think it should be okay, because it will be a waste of time and materials if you just use it for battlegrounds which runs for god-knows-how long (doesn't even last for so long per round) and how many times in a day (a repeatable type of battle that might run for several times in a day). Thus it will surely consume tons of supplies. Battlegrounds might just sink for lack of supplies. In terms of WOE, materials can be bought via war badge? Sure that might be more sensible. But instant supplies for woe is just a no-no for me. But if we're talking about hard earned supplies, then sure make it buyable through war badge, like what? Food buffs and such. Though this is for the staff team to decide. This is just my opinion/suggestion, constructive criticism is welcome. Edit: Since KOE runs daily, I think they should have a buyable supplies through war badge, too. I haven't given much thought about this one though.
  15. Caroline

    Battleground Discussion

    I suggest to put consumable/usable items just for battlegrounds. Example: Battleground's poison bottle. It can only be used inside battlegrounds, hence cant be used outside battlegrounds. Which can only be bought by paying war badge alone, no other alternative payments.